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Writing and Communication Strategy

Our team can help you craft the right message and be heard where it matters. ITFO consultants, writers and subject matter experts work with you to create and deliver an integrated communication strategy—and do it in a way that’s fast, insightful and innovative.

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Generating New Business Opportunities

We know: it’s not just business, it is personal—and we help our clients develop strong relationships and a winning reputation so that they are well positioned for big-deal competitions and can create ongoing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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Social Media and Interactive Marketing Tactics

In the B2B space, interactive and social media campaigns can create a valuable dialogue with your customers and other market influencers. Your business needs to be professional and be relevant, and we can help.

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Analytics and Actionable Insights

Surprisingly low-key, we often serve as a scalable ninja workforce fully integrated with our clients.

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Brand and Visual Identity

To look like—and be—a leader, you have to see the big picture and make sure others do too. We can help develop and communicate your brand and visual identity.

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